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                James 4:17
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Harlie is home following her second surgery!

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Harlie Bryant is a 7 year old that's full of energy and appears to be as normal as any other little girl. But that's NOT the case. About 2 years ago, Harlie was having a routine eye exam, as required for admission to kindergarden, when they found it. What they found was Astrocytoma, a type of brain tumor. Needless to say, her family was shocked!
    The first step in her treatment was an attempt to remove the tumor through surgery. Because of the location, doctors were only able to remove about 20%. 
    The next step was chemotherapy treatment. For the past 2 years, Harlie has practically lived at the hospital. No school, no playing with children her own age,(due to a weakened immune system from the chemo), and not much to look forward to... except more days of feeling bad! 
   Harlie's tumor had grown and she had another round of chemotherapy in an effort to stop it from growing until she can seek other treatments. She also had another surgery to remove more of the tumor.  The next most viable option is to attempt specialized Proton Radiation Therapy. The treatment will be long, (about twelve weeks), and very expensive. Harlie's parents will also be taking a leave-of-absence from their jobs, only adding to the financial burden of cancer treatment.


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Become one of "Harlie's Angels"! All money from HopeForHarlie.org goes to Harlie and her family to help pay for medical bills and ease their financial worries, so they can focus on taking care of Harlie.
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